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Competitive Ornamental Steel Vendor in Sumter

wrought iron fence

We’ve been recycling metal products and performing waste removal services in and around Sumter, South Carolina since 1978. By the way, that was before “eco-friendly” became such a popular buzzword. Recovering and recycling metal just made good common sense back then, and it still does today. Over the years, we have developed all types of professional relationships with both residential and commercial clients. It is through those contacts that we’ve built up an inventory of new and used ornamental steel and iron products that we offer for sale to the public.

Iron products can add a touch of classic elegance to building projects such as the installation of gates, window grilles and decorative doors. The durability of iron and steel is also well known. However, these upgrades can be expensive if you were to shop for iron work products at a regular retailer. Before you make a buying decision about ornamental ferrous metal, you should check out our inventory. While our selection varies, we usually carry ornamental steel for fencing, gates, stair railings, doors and lighting fixtures. With proper care, the life of these fixtures can be extended to the next generation.