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Premier Metal Recycler in Sumter

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Choosing to recycle your unwanted metal products is a smart option for you, the environment and our local economy. When you utilize our scrap metal recovery and recycling services, you get indoor and outdoor living spaces that are less cluttered. You also get a few more dollars in your pocket. Benefits from your responsible actions extend to lowering the amount of waste materials that are dumped into landfills and saving energy that is ordinarily used during the extraction and processing of raw metal ore. A & P Recycling Company is family-owned and -operated, and we are just one out of a number of small businesses that benefit when jobs are created in the sustainable building and manufacturing sectors. Without you, we wouldn’t exist. 

We recycle ferrous metals such as scrap iron, steel and stainless steel. These materials are often found in old car parts, fencing and kitchen sinks. The metal recycling laws in South Carolina are a little stricter for the recycling of non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass and aluminum. However, we would be delighted to walk you through the process for recycling those types of materials. In most cases, you will only need an official identification card and a permit that can be issued by any South Carolina Sheriff’s Department. If you want to recycle an entire vehicle, you must be prepared to show a state-issued identification card and the title of the vehicle that verifies that it is yours. A magistrate’s order of sale or a sheriff’s certificate can be used in lieu of a vehicle title. 
At A & P Recycling, we recycle scrap metal from commercial clients as well. If you are a property manager who is responsible for upgrading fixtures and appliances in large apartment units, contact us to find out how we can help you to clear out your units quickly in preparation for new items and get paid for your unwanted metal. Construction managers who oversee building projects that produce large quantities of scrap metal from HVAC, electrical or plumbing upgrades also benefit from our services. Besides helping your construction company to achieve its sustainability goals, we provide a streamlined, expedited process to get worksites cleared of unwanted scrap metal debris and get you paid.