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Comprehensive Waste Removal in Sumter

construction site clean up

Although Sumter’s growth in business and population is moderate compared to other South Carolina cities, site demolitions and new construction is common. These large building projects require well-coordinated waste disposal strategies to maintain site organization, efficiency and safety. At A & P Recycling, we have the skills, experience and equipment to help you to be successful in this area. We offer multi-capacity, roll-off containers for the disposal of construction trash and recyclable items. These large containers are designed to hold debris from brick, tile, sand, asphalt and dirt. Our flat-bed trucks and trailers as well as self-dumping hoppers are just some of the assets that we offer as part of an integrated waste management and recycling solution for your industrial-sized projects.

Over the years, we have developed expertise for efficiently sorting landfill waste from recyclable materials. General contractors are usually under strict deadlines for their demolition and construction projects and may not be able to spare the human resources who are needed to do this type of work. When you outsource demolition services to A & P Recycling, we are able to do the sorting as part of the demolition task. We weigh the salvaged metal and pay you for the items minus the cost of the demolition service. Depending on the amount of recoverable metal materials at your worksite, outsourcing demolition may be more cost-effective than performing the task in-house.